Orbiter 8 is our casual Web 3 game designed for the Ethereum Virtual Machine with a focus on first-in-class tokenomics integrity and a pure decentralization so the game can be played in perpetuity.

Explore, trade, and build in decentralized space!

Liberta Galactica!

The award winning PolyDice, a dice rolling dApp for the Polygon network.

Dice you own. Dice you roll.

About Us

Partavate Studios is an independent studio
creating interactive media using emerging technology.

Scott Dudley
Founder 0x0
Arthur Kepler
Cofounder 0x1

Contact Us

For news, announcements, and community engagements, checkout Partavate's Twitter and Orbiter 8 Discord channel. For investor relations, press inquiries, or collaborations, email us.