Orbiter 8

Explore, trade, and battle in blockchain space! Orbiter 8 is a casual game designed to run as a dapp on the Ethereum blockchain network.

It is the year 2140, just a little more than a century after humans began off-world colonization, and civilization has spread to encompass the whole of the solar system.

Liberta Galactica!

About Partavate Studios

Partavate Studios is an independent, international team of two
working to build new and interesting things
using emerging blockchain technology.

Bit 1: Code and Game Design

Scott 'Koda' Dudley
Bit 2: Graphic Design and Branding

Walter |2| Costinak

Help Wanted!

We have a lot of work to do and we would welcome a little help. We'll get there, but with the right crew we could get there faster and maybe even make a better product in the end. Official team members are currently working for the fame, the glory, and whatever sweat-equity may come. If this entices you, fantastic, let's chat! Alternatively, if your contractor skills are sharp, talk to us about your current contract rates and keenest skills. Here's the help we need:

VueJS Developer:
The Orbiter 8 game client is written in Javascript and built around VueJS. We plan to blend dynamic SVGs and snappy canvas backgrounds to create a pleasant game interface that can run smoothly on modest hardware. Can you increase our FPS?
Solidity Developer:
The core of Orbiter 8's gameplay runs on Ethereum smart contracts. Our fundamental gameplay mechanics are well defined yet there exists a lot of room for innovation in how we implement the details. We have opportunities to do fun new things. Are you mastering this emerging craft?
Community Manager:
Orbiter 8 is designed to be massively multiplayer. However, it will only be fun if a community of gamers show up to play. Getting the word out to interested folks in an effective way can be a challenging task. If you can help represent us across Discord, Twitter, and wherever else - we can focus more on making the game.

To "apply" find us via one of the methods below.

How To Contact Us

Partavate's Twitter serves as our primary PR channel.

You can also find members of our team hanging out on the Orbiter 8 Discord channel.

Koda can be reached via his Website, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Likewise, |2| can be reached via his Website, Twitter, and LinkedIn.